Glass Fibers

Airbond expands composite fiber splicing product range and capabilities

Splicing limits increased tenfold to handle more challenging materials at higher concentrations.

Glass Fibers

E9 ultra-high-modulus glass fiber targets high-end applications

Compared to E-glass, Jushi’s E9 glass fiber boasts improved mechanical properties, including a 36% higher modulus and 60% higher strength.

Natural Fibers

Natural fiber woven tapes possess improved mechanical properties, sustainability

vombaur woven tapes are composed from flax fibers, maintaining high rigidity and strength, with 33% lower CO2 emissions generated.


ATL Composites epoxy laminating system maintains new surfboard appearance

KINETIX R111 is a solvent-free, liquid epoxy resin optimized with a translucent blue tint that produces a clear, bright finish for surfboard products.

Carbon Fibers

Cygnet Texkimp presents next-generation composites unrolling creel

Flatline Creel uses low-pressure, low-friction patented pneumatic technology to regulate the torque applied to each position on the creel. 

Mass Transit

Dynamic Modifiers introduces low-smoke, flame-retardant thermoplastic compound

Made for a wide range of markets, PAL...VersaCHAR addresses concerns surrounding traditional flame-retardant materials without sacrificing performance.


CFP Composites launches low-cost, carbon fiber laminate that processes like metal

The BM-5 laminate board can be screwed, tapped, fastened, bonded and painted just like a metal, and requires no prepreg, layout or curing. It also has a comparable cost to metal, removing operator and financial barriers to adopt carbon fiber.


ICP thermoplastic tension members enable flex strength improvement

TM continuous fiber-reinforced rods help plastic parts perform more like metal by increasing load capacity and overall stiffness of the molded part. 


Avient launches reSound R recycled content portfolios

Formerly PolyOne, Avient expands the range of sustainable solutions with its thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyamide and polycarbonate portfolios.


Lanxess thermoplastic material targets high flame-retardant properties

Tepex continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites variants with a PA6 matrix are certified as UL 94 V-0 and retain a high degree of strength, rigidity and energy absorption.