Solico launches Amphora engineering, design software for composite silos and tanks

Customizable tool enables the calculate and optimization of construction variables like design loads and laminate thickness for rapid composite vessel development.


Manna Laminates FEATURE organosheet laminate targets EMS applications

Fiber-metal laminate (FML) can be thermoformed in the injection or compression mold, possesses ideal characteristics for electric vehicle applications.

Carbon Fibers

Teijin launches carbon fiber intermediate material brands

Tenax PW and Tenax BM is a series of aircraft- and satellite-quality materials made for sport applications with superior strength, toughness and durability compared to standard Teijin carbon fiber prepregs


Stratasys carbon fiber material for 3D printer line is more functional, lightweight and versatile

ABS-based carbon fiber material for the Stratasys F123 Series 3D printer line is 15% stronger and 50% stiffer compared to standard ABS.


HexPly XF surface materials satisfy high-quality wind blade surface finish

Suitable for prepreg and infusion processes, Hexcel’s HexPly XF reduce shell manufacturing time by up to 2 hours and removes all surface defects prior to painting.
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Axiom Materials CerFace AX-8810 surface film improves outer finish of CMC components

Surface film protects exposed fibers and minimizes surface roughness of CMC components for operating temperatures of up to 1,093ºC.


Farécla polishing and finishing compounds offer improved finishes and application ease

Norton|Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ Farécla line is designed to enhance shine on painted surface, gel coats and wood lacquers, and can be applied to finished composites.


E9 ultra-high-modulus glass fiber targets high-end applications

Compared to E-glass, Jushi’s E9 glass fiber boasts improved mechanical properties, including a 36% higher modulus and 60% higher strength.


ATL Composites epoxy laminating system maintains new surfboard appearance

KINETIX R111 is a solvent-free, liquid epoxy resin optimized with a translucent blue tint that produces a clear, bright finish for surfboard products.

Mass Transit

Dynamic Modifiers introduces low-smoke, flame-retardant thermoplastic compound

Made for a wide range of markets, PAL...VersaCHAR addresses concerns surrounding traditional flame-retardant materials without sacrificing performance.