Fibers of all types are typically produced as single tows. Tows are then used to weave or a knit a variety of fabric types, including preforms. Preforms are three-dimensional fabric forms designed to conform to a specific shape to meet specific mechanical and structural requirements.
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The markets: Construction (2019)

Composites materials advance construction projects globally, including combinations of wood and carbon fiber, foldable composites and more.

The markets: Civil infrastructure (2019)

According to a report by the coalition Transportation for America (Washington, DC, US), titled The Fix We’re In For: The State of our Nation’s Busiest Bridges, there are 69,223 structurally deficient highway bridges in the U.S. alone — 11.5% of all US highway bridges — that require rehabilitation or replacement.

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SAERTEX introduces unidirectional fabric for for leaf springs

Processed in the RTM method, Ultra Fatigue UD is designed to be used with epoxy and PU resins and is well suited for high volume production.