Anisoprint launches Aura 2.1 slicing software for continuous fiber 3D printing

New features include “masks” giving users greater control over fiber reinforcement in an easy-to-visualize manner.

Carbon Fibers

Hybrid metal composite four-disc milling cutter reduces machining times by 78%

CompoTech and Hofmeister steel and carbon fiber tool achieves 50% faster cutting speed and 54% higher feed rate compared to conventional two-disc tools.


Toray nanoalloy technology develops new flexible and toughened polymer

New polymer combines PA6 with polyrotaxane and retains high thermal resistance, rigidity and strength with a bending fatigue limit that is 15-fold that of conventional polymers.


Testia releases multi-method acquisition system for NDT inspection methods

Multi-method UE1 Box, phased array U32 Box and SKD architecture improve activity efficiency and meets technical specifications on a flexible, cost-effective platform.
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Carbon Fibers

CFP Composites launches low-cost, carbon fiber laminate that processes like metal

The BM-5 laminate board can be screwed, tapped, fastened, bonded and painted just like a metal, and requires no prepreg, layout or curing. It also has a comparable cost to metal, removing operator and financial barriers to adopt carbon fiber.


AIMS Metrology introduces coordinate measurement machine for large parts inspection

Suited for composites applications in a range of industries, the Summit is engineered with a 5-axis scanning probe, REVO-2 sensors and options for automation.


Contact-less microsensor targets real-time NDT for composite structures

RVmagnetics’ MicroWire self-monitors composite structures via embedding during the production process. It improves safety, control and real-time data for predictive maintenance. 


Hexcel launches electrically conductive PEKK-based carbon fiber material

HexPEKK EM is a high-performance material for additive manufacturing that meets electromagnetic shielding, radiation absorption requirements. 

Carbon Fibers

BreakThru Technology reduces free formaldehyde in phenolic resins

The technology reduces free formaldehyde in phenolic fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) resins to below 1000ppm (less than 0.1%).


DUNA introduces Corafoam tooling board product line

The 2-Ib polyurethane Corafoam HPT-35 makes for efficient production of prototypes, is non-toxic and can be applied to composite layup tooling.