Many fabrics must first be cut to specific shapes before being placed in a mold. Computer-controlled cutting tables are often used to do the cutting. In kitting, sets of fabric patterns for a given part or mold are cut and assembled into kits to ease fabric placement in the mold.
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Skinning the F-35 fighter

Fasteneing the all-composites skin on the Lightning II requires machining and drilling technology that is optimized for cost-efficiency.


Managing multi-axis manufacturing

Much early computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery served short-run military and space programs where cost per part was too high to be acceptable in the manufacture of commercial aircraft. Now, Automated CNC machinery moves toward volume production and part-specific design.

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JEC World 2018 preview: Zünd

At JEC World 2018 in Paris, March 6 - 8, the Swiss manufacturer Zünd (Altstätten, Switzerland) presents the latest developments in highly modular digital cutting systems for composites applications.