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Published: 10/30/2017

CFRP bests steel in precision ball joints
Near-zero backlash in bearings and automation components.  

Published: 10/8/2018

CAMX 2018: Exhibit previews
If you are headed to CAMX 2018 Oct. 15-18 in Dallas, TX, you can catch a glimpse of some of the products and technologies you are likely to find on the exhibit hall floor. 

Published: 9/25/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Airtech
Airtech International Inc. (Huntington Beach, CA, US) is introducing several new products this year in Booth V3. 

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Piercan USA
Piercan USA Inc. (San Marcos, CA, US) is featuring its natural rubber latex bladders used in bladder molding for composites fabrication.

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Compotool
Compotool (Monroe, WA, US; Auckland, New Zealand) is featuring its inorganic tooling board made from specialized formulated calcium silicate materials that reportedly exhibit favorable thermal and process characteristics. 

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Scott Bader
Scott Bader North America (Stow, OH, US) is featuring its lineup of adhesives, resins, gelcoats and matched tooling systems.

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Janicki Industries
Janicki Industries (Sedro-Woolley, WA, US) manufactures fly-away parts made of carbon fiber, tooling and prototypes for the aerospace industry.

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: General Plastics
General Plastics (Tacoma, WA, US) is featuring its new high-temperature, low-CTE LAST-A-FOAM FR-4800 tooling board.

Published: 9/13/2018

CAMX 2018 preview: Cold Jet
Dry ice cleaning specialist Cold Jet (Loveland, OH, US) is conducting demonstration of mold and tool cleaning using the company’s i³ MicroClean system.

Published: 7/1/2018

The first composite fuselage section for the first composite commercial jet
Spirit AeroSystems was an established aerospace supplier when it earned that distinction, winning the contract for the Boeing 787’s Section 41. Now its sights are set on the next generation of aircraft.