Carbon Fibers

German composite specialist INVENT collaborates in SUSTAINair for increased aircraft circularity

Three-and-a-half-year, 11-partner EU project will include metals and composites spanning design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, assembly and recycling.
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Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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L&L Products launches thermoplastic resin product line

T-Link, from L&L Products, is a thermoplastic resin available in pellet, film, yarn, powder, fiber veil and unidirectional tape formats, targeted toward armor, aerospace and sporting goods applications.


TUMI unveils premium composite capsule luggage and travel collection inspired by McLaren

Nine-piece collection embodies TUMI and McLaren’s mutual focus on quality, lifestyle and advanced material usage for elegant business, and travel.


Alpine Advanced Materials thermoplastic nanocomposite demonstrates UV resistance

UVA and UVC testing on the aviation-grade thermoplastic nanocomposite, HX5, found no performance degradation or impact on physical appearance.


UBQ Materials awarded ISO certifications for waste-derived thermoplastic

The Israeli startup’s bio-based material achieves international recognition as a raw material for industrial manufacturing applications.


Carbon Mobile carbon fiber smartphone unlocks RF signal permeation capabilities

Housing is made from Lanxess Tepex thermoplastics reinforced with 1K continuous carbon fiber using Carbon Mobile’s patented HyRECM process for a “radio-enabled” composite material.


Automated weaving system targets high-performance, high-volume applications

Startup WEAV3D Inc.’s technology produces highly tunable, woven lattice reinforcements for cost-effective, high-volume automotive composites and precast concrete applications.
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ECOFUNEL program develops thermoplastic compound with increased electrical conductivity

Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic shows eight times more electrical conductivity as compared to the reference material with only a 20% decrease in mechanical properties.

Energy Storage

Challenges of laser-assisted tape winding of thermoplastic composites

Practical solutions for process-related challenges in LATW, which has great potential for pressure vessels and storage tanks.