Design innovations improve efficiency of composite medical table

WIT-Composites' efforts to design a more effective all-composite surgical table led to development of complex components and an elastic carbon fiber material.
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Study demonstrates improved abrasion resistance using TFP aramid nonwovens

Study shows aramid veil acts as a sacrificial layer to protect the underlying reinforcement, improves durability and extends composite structure lifespan.


New Tennessee FRP bridge to promote composites use for rural infrastructure

Embedded fiber-optic sensors to give IACMI and industry partners critical performance and safety data of composite bridge deck, promote federal, state and local adoption of composites.


Continuous Composites demonstrates CF3D technology for Lockheed Martin, AFRL WiSDM project

Continuous Composites carbon fiber wing spar structural performance achieves 160% design limit load with no damage detected, offers potential for aerospace-grade composite printing.
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Carbon Fibers

Hexagon Digital Wave starts continued life service testing on composite cylinders for breathing apparatus

Tested tanks returned for extended service life with Antarctic Fire Department, prevents landfill on Antarctica continent.


Alpine Advanced Materials thermoplastic nanocomposite demonstrates UV resistance

UVA and UVC testing on the aviation-grade thermoplastic nanocomposite, HX5, found no performance degradation or impact on physical appearance.


Impact tests on RAMSSES ship hull demonstrator show resilience of composites

Damen Shipbuilding and project consortium partners test 6-meter-high, resin-infused composite hull section.


ENLIGHTEN program launched to speed thermoplastic composites industrialization

Multi-scale modeling, testing, sensors and machine learning will advance understanding and algorithms to achieve process control and optimization for both aerospace and automotive supply chains.
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Additive Manufacturing

Contactless measurement of temperature, pressure in composites

Magnetic microwires enable contactless measurement of temperature and pressure during cure and in service.
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Natural Fibers

NCC proposes natural fiber use for SME subterranean transport network

Under an NCC SME Boost program, research indicates composite reinforcements will reduce material, manufacturing costs and prove more sustainable for innovative SME project.
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