Meter, Mix Dispense Update

New technologies are improving accuracy, ease of use and repeatability while moving toward automation.
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Paris Air Show Report 2005

The 46th edition of the world's largest aircraft industry event provides a fitting showcase of composites industry gains.
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Carbon fiber race car technology hits the streets

Porsche equips its new Carrera GT with the first-ever all-carbon chassis on a production automobile.
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Composite fan blade containment case

Innovative use of carbon-fiber braid yields a ductile structure that resists blade impact.
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Carbon fiber raises consumer performance index

Carbon bridges gap between large-volume sporting goods and aerospace to satisfy discriminating tastes in consumer and professional markets.
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Are high-temp thermosets ready to go commercial?

Developed for the U.S. military, these high-performance matrices are branching out into wider use.
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Carbon composites move beyond racing yachts into commercial and military marine applications.

Marine carbon composites move beyond racing yachts into commercial and military vessels.
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Post-show review of the 2004 U.S. SAMPE Symposium

Largest-ever Symposium serves up a large helping of news and new technologies from advanced composites suppliers.
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Resin transfer molding and preforms for jet engine stators

New 3-D woven preforms and nanofillers will improve part quality and reduce manufacturing costs.
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Carbon fiber markets and goComp.biz iPod winner

As I write this, I'm preparing for a 4th of July family reunion celebration at my house. If that isn't scary enough, contractors are still putting the finishing touches on a two-year-long remodeling project, during which I've been camping out in my basement! It's been touch and go in more ways than one - the finish