Hi-Temp Resins

Pixelated temperature control

Surface Generation is providing digital process control for composites molding that cuts energy use, cycle time and processing pressures while breaking boundaries in thickness, complexity and embedded elements.
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Filament Winding

Composites manufacturing — where the excitement lives

A regular CW columnist and the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI, Knoxville, TN, US), Dale Brosius points out that for today's engineering students, a Ph.D in manufacturing could open the door to an exciting, alternative career path.
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Carbures, el Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain

On a rapid and audacious growth trajectory, this Tier 2 supplier based on the Iberian Peninsula opens the doors of three foundational facilities near Spain’s aerospace epicenter.
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Full steam ahead for composite ship doors and hatches

VABO Composites (Emmeloord, The Netherlands) has added to its wide range of composite products these ship doors and hatches that offer a 50% weight reduction vs. conventional steel doors.
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JEC World 2016: Automotive highlights

On the automotive side, Henkel (Düsseldorf, Germany) emphasized on its JEC stand a glass fiber-reinforced composite leaf spring, based on Henkel’s polyurethane matrix resin Loctite MAX 2, used in the chassis of the new Volvo (Gothenberg, Sweden) XC90, a premium crossover SUV; the platform of this vehicle is expected to be applied to other Volvo cars in the coming years.
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Fastener-free, composite aircraft door and control surfaces

All-composite, integrated structures using RTM cut weight and cost by more than 30%.
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Mass Transit

Selective reinforcements boost “commodity” composite properties

Strategically placed advanced reinforcements reduce weight, cost while dramatically increasing mechanical performance and dimensional stability.

Compression Molding

JEC World 2016, the full report

CompositesWorld's editors report on the technologies and products that caught our eye at JEC World 2016, in early March.
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Materials & Processes: Fabrication methods

There are numerous methods for fabricating composite components. Selection of a method for a particular part, therefore, will depend on the materials, the part design and end-use or application. Here's a guide to selection.
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Toho Tenax develops production system for carbon fiber composites

The process combines Toho Tenax' Part via Preform technology with high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) to speed manufacture of carbon fiber composites.
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