Energy Storage

Huntsman Advanced Materials resin systems meet composite pressure vessel requirements

Araldite resin systems cover wet and towpreg filament winding and RTM manufacturing processes for increased productivity and greater part consistency.


Huntsman PU resin systems enable lightweight sandwich construction for automotive

Vitrox RTM and Rimline FC polyurethane systems to advance lightweighting, design freedom and simplified manufacturing opportunities.


FACC successfully develops novel composite flap system for Wing of Tomorrow

RTM’d five-meter-long, complex multicell flap prototype constructed via a highly integral, cost-effective manufacturing process. 
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Large composite covers protect a lot of water

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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Bucci Composites completes testing of new carbon fiber wheel

Bucci’s new 22-inch high-performance automotive wheel is all carbon fiber and made via high-pressure resin transfer molding.
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The path to OOA wings with minimal fasteners

A review of the quest to eliminate both the autoclave and mechanical fasteners in composite wing structures.
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Carbon Fibers

HP-RTM as a means to reduce hydrogen tank packaging space and cost

BBG Gmbh & Co. KG has developed molds for producers of type IV CFRP tanks, integrating automation and sensors for faster, cheaper production of adjustable-length hydrogen storage cylinders.
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Collins Aerospace invests in braiding technology for Banbury, U.K. facility

The multi-axis composite braider will be used to prove out production for complex-shaped components like pressure vessels, battery enclosures and more.

Glass Fibers

Novel dry tape for liquid molded composites

MTorres seeks to enable next-gen aircraft and open new markets for composites with low-cost, high-permeability tapes and versatile, high-speed production lines.
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Carbon fiber automotive parts production industrialized via C-RTM process

Compression resin transfer molding overcame the difficulty in shaping CFRP car parts with development time reduced by 50%.