Carbon Fibers

Design innovations improve efficiency of composite medical table

WIT-Composites' efforts to design a more effective all-composite surgical table led to development of complex components and an elastic carbon fiber material.
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Cato Composites expands thermoplastic composites production capacity

Larger facility and expanded development team to increase market position and fulfill new orders in safety and sporting goods.


Composites as auto-body reinforcements

Hybrid structural-reinforcement technology expands options, gains applications, markets.
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Additive Manufacturing

Purdue University to establish Thermwood LSAM research laboratory

Industry-funded research to pursue large-scale composite thermoplastic additive manufacturing, with the goal of providing services to enhance, encourage and expand the adoption of large-scale AM for diverse industrial applications.

Carbon Fibers

German composite specialist INVENT collaborates in SUSTAINair for increased aircraft circularity

Three-and-a-half-year, 11-partner EU project will include metals and composites spanning design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, assembly and recycling.
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Carbon Fibers

Wing of Tomorrow ribs: One-shot, thermoplastic, OOA consolidation

GKN Aerospace’s carbon fiber thermoplastic aircraft rib design accomplishes 45-minute cycle times, reduced weight and competitive costs via a customized press system.
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RAMPF offers lightweight construction with high-performance epoxy board and liquid materials

Raku Tool epoxy boards, gelcoats, laminating resins and infusion and RTM systems offered, with encompassing technical support.


L&L Products launches thermoplastic resin product line

T-Link, from L&L Products, is a thermoplastic resin available in pellet, film, yarn, powder, fiber veil and unidirectional tape formats, targeted toward armor, aerospace and sporting goods applications.


TUMI unveils premium composite capsule luggage and travel collection inspired by McLaren

Nine-piece collection embodies TUMI and McLaren’s mutual focus on quality, lifestyle and advanced material usage for elegant business, and travel.

Carbon Fibers

Combining AC and DC dielectric measurements for cure monitoring of composites

Lambient Technologies advances dielectric analysis (DEA) for more reliable, affordable composites manufacturing.
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