Carbon Fibers

SHAPE Machining, Supernatural-X collaborate on composite electric guitar

Made from reclaimed carbon fiber, the lightweight guitar possesses excellent tuning stability, and zero RF interference.


Recycling end-of-life composite parts: New methods, markets

From infrastructure solutions to consumer products, Polish recycler Anmet and Netherlands-based researchers are developing new methods for repurposing wind turbine blades and other composite parts.
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U.S. DOE announces funding for FY 2021 for composites, energy initiatives

Topic areas include polymers recycling and composites manufacturing. The deadline for eligible small businesses to submit a Letter of Intent is Jan. 4, 2021.


Dieffenbacher D-LFT line offers increased application, throughput flexibility

Efficiency, flexibility and increased performance are enabled by larger extruder pairs specially designed for the use of different thermoplastic materials. 


GE announces U.S. blade recycling contract with Veolia

Decommissioned composite wind turbine blades will be recycled into cement production to replace raw material needs, while still enabling a net-positive environmental impact.
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Innovate UK grants NCC £355k to help achieve net zero future

Funding will investigate how composite materials can best be used in final products, mitigation of their environmental impact and overall sustainability. 


NREL, Arkema research recyclable, thermoplastic composite wind turbine blades

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and partners aim to develop more sustainable, longer-lasting turbine blades that are less expensive to manufacture.
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Composite Recycling Technology Center launches recycled carbon fiber sports bench

The bench, launched with the remodel of a Washington-based aquatic center, is said to be durable and easy to clean for sports and aquatic facilities.

Carbon Fibers

South Korean carbon fiber recycling start-up scales up

With plans for growth, CATACK-H claims its solvolysis-based recycling process can reclaim high-quality fibers and resins from materials and finished parts.
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Glass Fibers

ICP thermoplastic tension members enable flex strength improvement

TM continuous fiber-reinforced rods help plastic parts perform more like metal by increasing load capacity and overall stiffness of the molded part.