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Published: 4/1/2014

Composites the clear choice in telecom tower rehabs
Tower permit difficulties spur repairs/upgrades of aging steel structures.

Published: 4/1/2013

Pultruding polyurethane: Sheet pilings break boundaries
High-pressure pultrusion process creates polyurethane composite sheet pile system with the strength and stiffness to compete with steel.

Published: 7/30/2010

Hotel wrap: Curvilinear pultrusions
Airport hotel’s striking wraparound roofline made possible, durable and affordable with pultruded flat panels and profiled support structures.

Published: 3/25/2009

Mining the potential of polyurethane composites
 Pultruded rollers for mine conveyors outperform steel and portend a huge new market.

Published: 2/19/2009

Pultruding cost out of aerospace parts
 Design-for-manufacturing effort proves to be cost-effective for carbon/epoxy airfoil on expendable UAV.

Published: 9/17/2008

New Bridge Deck Bests Early FRP Systems
Mechanically fastened, two-piece composite deck system addresses challenges inherent in previous fiber-reinforced polymer deck designs, lowering cost, speeding installation and reducing maintenance.