Carbon Fibers

Yachtbuilding Composites: Rigged for Success

Carbon composite cabling in several forms races ahead of dry fibers and stainless steel in sailboat rigging.
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Looking for Lindberghs

Every paradigm-shifting invention throughout human history has been met with skepticism. CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan says the composites industry has need of those willing to attempt what most believe impossible.


Incremental thinking just won’t cut it!

Composites industry consultant and regular CW columnist Dale Brosius says if this industry is to have a future that goes anywhere profitable, then we've got to get off the road we're on and map out a whole new way to think about the tasks at hand.
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SOURCEBOOK 2015: The online edition

Welcome to the online SOURCEBOOK, the searchable, updatable, Internet-based counterpart to CompositesWorld's annually published print SOURCEBOOK.


The markets: Corrosion-resistant applictions (2015)

The annual cost of metallic corrosion worldwide is staggering. Inherently corrosion-resistant, composites are ideally suited to replace metals.


Composites 2015: A multitude or markets

Although the effects of the 2008 global financial downturn are still felt in some sectors, the composites industry, in general, showed health, growth and a renewed focus on innovation.
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Fabrication methods (2015)

There are numerous methods for fabricating composite components. Selection of a method for a particular part, therefore, will depend on the materials, the part design and end-use or application. Here's a guide to selection.
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Pultruded window: Glass/polyurethane prototype wins award

Deceuninck Group NV (Hooglede-Gits, Belgium), is at the forefront of composite window frame design and innovation, as evidenced by its recent award for a large, prototype window designed to open like a door.
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Disaster-resistant housing: Framing the future

This need in developing nations could be met by a composite structural framing system capable of producing both fortified dwellings and jobs.
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Mass reduction for mass appeal: FRPs and CMCs in RVs

Composites save weight, speed assembly, improve aesthetics and diminish warranty service and promote sales.
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