FLOTANT project to develop composite mooring cable system for deep water wind farms

Project partners are testing pultruded carbon fiber/thermoplastic profiles for use in a more cost-efficient, robust offshore wind farm mooring system. 
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Aimplas-led project develops thermoplastic prototypes

The RECONTRANS project adapts Arkema’s Elium thermoplastic resin for car, truck and rail applications.   
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Plasan North America expands composite manufacturing solutions

The company plans to expand and invest in automated cutting technology to go with established prepregging, pultrusion and autoclave cure expertise.
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Compression Molding

Composites-intensive masterwork: 2020 Corvette, Part 1

Eighth-generation vehicle sports more composites, and features parts produced using unique materials and processes.
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Exel Composites launches online service for structural composites

Excelnow.com provides customers greater design flexibility with its wide range of structural composite profiles including channels, boxes and I-beams. 


Material choices for the Corvette rear bumper beam

From fabrics to resins, a number of new combinations of materials went into the making of the world’s first curved pultruded automotive part.
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Glass Fibers

Curve in the road: First curved pultruded auto parts

Thomas Technik + Innovation KG’s radius pultrusion process unlocks new possibilities for the automotive market and beyond.
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Carbon Fibers

Scott Bader launches resins, gelcoats, adhesives for structural applications

Crestabond M7-04 is the company’s latest primer-less MMA structural adhesive.
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Thomas + Technik introduces modular, compact pultrusion system

At 3.5 meters long, pullCUBE is reported to be about 75% shorter than conventional pultrusion machines, and the shortest yet built.


Acciona Construction participates in EU-funded project for accelerating nanomaterials production

Among LEE-BED project objectives, Acciona plans to embed nanomaterial-enabled wireless sensors into pultruded composite building elements.