New Composites Evolution prepreg cures at low temperature

This low-temperature, 12-hour-cure tooling prepreg is the latest product in Composites Evolution’s Evopreg EPT tooling epoxy range.

Carbon Fibers

Toray to provide prepreg carbon fiber for OceanGate submersibles

Materials from Toray Composite Materials America have been selected for composite pressure vessels on deep-sea submersibles.


Kanfit coping with COVID-19 and managing growth using Composites 4.0 systems

Bluetooth sensors and AI track parts and tools, save time and suggest production line improvements.
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Roth offers filament winding automation, prepreg and towpreg equipment

Roth Composite Machinery is showcasing its competences in filament winding, prepreg and organic sheet production.


In Italy, how one composites fabricator is coping

Lessons learned from Bucci Composites, located in Faenza, Italy, in the heart of the coronavirus pandemic.
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New Solvay materials, processes designed for industrialization

Solvay is launching and promoting materials and processes developed for industrialized processes.
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Voith updates roving applicator generation technology

Voith GmbH is featuring carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) components such as tailored stacks for the automotive and aerospace sectors. 


NIAR's NCAMP announces release of first thermoplastic material

Toray’s Cetex TC1225 is a low-melt PAEK and is part of a broad effort by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) to qualify thermoplastic materials


UK composites structure manufacturer continues to expand

Norco, which built its reputation as a manufacturer of large glass fiber reinforced structures, continues to grow and currently offers a wide range of bespoke composite products.
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Albany Engineered Composites qualified to build F-35 skins

Albany, already a fabricator of more than 200 parts for the F-35, is now producing wing skins for the F-35A (CTOL variant) Lightning II fighter jet.
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