Automated preforming: Intelligent automation in pick-and-place systems

Layups go industrial with hand-like grippers that can fold fabric or prepreg into corners and robot-mounted cameras that inspect from fabric to cut plies to fiber gaps in final preforms.
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Rotomolded cores: New options for sandwich composites

Permanent or removable, these hollow thermoplastic cores broaden industry offerings.  
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Reconfigurable tooling: Revolutionizing composites manufacturing

Shape-changing molds eliminate tooling for large 3D panels while automated assembly fixtures go modular, using metrology to reduce cost and shimming.
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CW Talks: James Austin, CEO, NTPT

Our guest in episode 6 of CW Talks: The Composites Podcast is James Austin, CEO of Switzerland-based North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT). Austin talk about his early work in composites serving aerospace customers, before migrating to marine composites and, now, his current job leading material and automation specialist NTPT.


CAMX 2017 preview: TenCate Advanced Composites

TenCate Advanced Composites (Morgan Hill, CA, US) is highlighting new thermoplastic and thermoset prepreg technologies. 
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CAMX 2017 preview: N12 Technologies

N12 Technologies Inc. (Cambridge, MA, US) is showing its NanoSitch sheet products, featuring vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (VACNTs), which add toughness, impact resistance and fatigue tolerance to composites, enabling lighter, thinner laminates for prepreg or resin film layups.
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CAMX 2017 preview: C. A. Litzler

C. A. Litzler Co. Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) is emphasizing its work on the design and manufacture of continuous process equipment for structural composites, carbon fiber production and industrial textiles.
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Filament Winding

CAMX 2017 preview: Century Design

Century Design Inc. (CDI, San Diego, CA, US), a global supplier of prepreg machines and specialist composite processing equipment, is launching new research prepreg and towpreg machines.
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Plant Tour: BENTELER SGL, Ort im Innkreis, Austria

High-volume CFRP structures pioneer makes industrialization and multimaterial assembly look easy.
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Preforming goes industrial: Part 2

Automated preforming isn’t only for 2D and 2.5D parts. Innovators are taking successful aim at building 3D preforms at production speeds.
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