Fiber-metal laminates in the spotlight

Interest in FMLs is growing again as aeroengineers search for lightweight solutions adaptable to new narrowbody commercial aircraft.
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Unweighting a crane to increase payload limit

Rethinking a crane stinger with carbon fiber for a more “uplifting experience.”
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Thinking outside the prepreg box in aerospace

A challenge to “outside the box” thinking about prepreg.
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Harbin Hafei Airbus partners with Plataine and Argosy for improved traceability, efficiency and yield

Joint venture composites manufacturing center implements Plataine solution for tracking parts, materials and tools.
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Automated Preforming, Part 2: Glide Forming

Flat layups are shaped into stringers with different cross-sections, lengths, thicknesses and curvatures using a single machine at rates up to 10 mm per second.
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Glass Fibers

Preforming goes industrial: Part 1

ATL and AFP-based preforming options now abound for processing dry and/or impregnated reinforcements as quickly as 1 minute or less with potential yearly part yields in the millions.
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Composite submersibles: Under pressure in deep, deep waters

Manned deepsea exploration calls for a highly engineered composites solution that saves weight and preserves life — at 6,500-psi service pressure.
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The automotive industry’s “killer app”?

Automotive is king, and the killer automotive app will be the multi-material and all-carbon-fiber B-pillar.
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Additive Manufacturing

Accelerating materials insertion: Where do virtual allowables fit?

In the quest to reduce the time and cost for aerocomposite design allowables development, will conventional physical testing and virtual testing go head-to-head or work side-by-side?
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Commercialization of CMCs and developments for next-gen performance

As industrial production of parts begins, new developments offer promise for higher-temperature and more damage-tolerant ceramic matrix composite (CMCs).
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