Toray expands high-performance composite tooling supply in U.S.

The Toray AmberTool HX56 composite tooling prepregs will be fully stocked in the central U.S. enhancing the speed of supply and regional availability. Products are available as of Sept. 22, 2020.

Glass Fibers

PRF Composite Materials introduces unidirectional glass prepreg

The unidirectional (UD) glass prepreg provides good results for UD carbon and glass fibers, as well as woven fabrics in PRF epoxy prepreg systems. 


Vega VV16 rocket launches with Bercella composites dispenser structure onboard

The CFRP dispenser structure, developed for the Small Spacecraft Mission Service (SSMS), was successfully launched for the European Space Agency.


Lanxess extends use of composites to extrusion blow molding

The process demonstrates its capabilities to boost the mechanical performance of blow-molded components in high-stress areas.


Addcomposites and Effman partner to provide AFP cells for SMEs

Aim is affordable, enclosed composites manufacturing cells for many different processes (AFP, grinding, buffing, sanding, drilling) in North American market. 


Collaborative R&D project aims to develop nanocomposite material for interior aircraft application

Pioneered by AIM Altitude, Sheffield Hallam University and Composite Evolution, the thermosetting resin system has resulted in cured prepregs showing improved fire properties.


National Composites Week: Top 20 stories in the last decade

As we celebrate National Composites Week, we’ve collected our top content over the last ten years.
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Part 2: Performance and safety benefits of prepregs

Returning with his second installment, Brian Bishop discusses the performance and safety benefits to using prepreg, and the value they can bring to composites fabricators. 
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Carbon Fibers

C-FREX exoskeleton depends on CFRP for unpowered movement

C-FREX uses a novel design and CFRP to overcome the heaviness and weakness of metallic exoskeletons.
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Teijin Carbon Europe, UK NCC strengthen carbon fiber partnership

As a Tier 2 partner, Teijin Carbon Europe plans to provide carbon fiber non-crimp fabrics, thermoset and thermoplastic prepreg materials. 
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