Compression Molding

Cobra International commissions prepreg compression molding production line

Production capacity delivers highly structural prepreg carbon fiber hydrofoil components with a final surface finish straight from the mold.


Portable, lightweight active wheelchair design eases travel accessibility

Technical partnership to combine a revolutionary wheelchair design with composite materials and processes for a lightweight, travel-friendly product that promises 60% space savings.


Hexcel joins ASCEND project for composite development acceleration

Hexcel to collaborate and further develop HexPly, HiMax and HiTape technologies and incorporate its Liquid Composite Molding (LCM) products into the project framework. 


Borflex releases compacting AFP roller range

Applicable to thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs, the Fiberroll compacting roller range ensure optimal surface appearance, rugosity and geometry while avoiding material adherence.


Single-step prepreg slitting and rewinding unit to advance NIAR ATLAS aviation research

Mikrosam, in collaboration with Composite Automation, delivers this custom-made machine, which offers slit flexibility, in-process inspection system and performs quality control on the fly.


CompPair closes seed funding to advance composite self-healing technology

EPFL spin-off company has launched HealTech which repairs composite damage in one minute by applying heat.


Toray announces new AMS specification for CMA 3900 prepreg system

New family of structural prepregs are now available with an extensive public allowable design database.


Challenges of laser-assisted tape winding of thermoplastic composites

Practical solutions for process-related challenges in LATW, which has great potential for pressure vessels and storage tanks.

Carbon Fibers

Teijin launches carbon fiber intermediate material brands

Tenax PW and Tenax BM is a series of aircraft- and satellite-quality materials made for sport applications with superior strength, toughness and durability compared to standard Teijin carbon fiber prepregs


BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites offers B-PREG natural fiber-based semi-finished products

Portfolio expanded to include flax fiber/polypropylene UD prepreg tapes, woven prepregs and flax fabrics.