Large composite covers protect a lot of water

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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Carbon Fibers

Perseverance rover takes one step for composites on Mars

The rover’s successful landing on Feb. 18 begins a two-year science investigation of Mars’ Jezero Crater for ancient microbial life. 
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Covestro increases production capacity for PUDs and polyester resins

New production facility at the Covestro Integrated Site in Shanghai will address rising demand for environmentally compatible coatings and adhesives.

Poly/Vinyl Esters

Tecniplas extends useful life of composites equipment used in paper mill by 50%

Taking into accordance corrosive fluids and high process temperatures, the new FRP up flow tower is able to operate for 15 years without need for maintenance.


Commercializing UV-curable thermosets for continuous fiber 3D printing

Strategic partners Continuous Composites and Arkema/Sartomer are developing a library of photocurable resins for use in a variety of OOA, high-speed, high-performance composite applications.

Filament Winding

Liftgate design puts modified filament winding to the test

Heavily modified winding process produces light, structural support frame for performance-critical liftgate.
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Composite rebar for future infrastructure

GFRP eliminates risk of corrosion and increases durability fourfold for reinforced concrete that meets future demands as traffic, urbanization and extreme weather increase.
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SourceBook 2021

Welcome to the online SourceBook, the counterpart to CompositesWorld's annually published print SourceBook composites industry buyer's guide.
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Mar-Ball, Lattice Composites merge to extend epoxy capabilities

The integrated merger will create new opportunities for epoxy-based products and material solutions in the composites industry.

Poly/Vinyl Esters

AOC acquires Czech Republic UPR manufacturing operations

The acquisition enables AOC to significantly extend its manufacturing footprint, and further adds to the company’s global presence.