SIS, InfraCore sign agreement for InfraCore technology license

Long-distance signing of agreement opens way for further composites infrastructure construction in Australasia.


Composite vaccine shipment container incorporates Diab structural core

The Envirotainer RAP e2 container is being used to ship COVID-19 vaccines globally.

Glass Fibers

Impact tests on RAMSSES ship hull demonstrator show resilience of composites

Damen Shipbuilding and project consortium partners test 6-meter-high, resin-infused composite hull section.


New book covers practical issues associated with resin infusion processes

Author details the mechanics of materials for the construction of laminates manufactured with the aid of pressure, computer simulations and infusion strategies and more.


Contactless measurement of temperature, pressure in composites

Magnetic microwires enable contactless measurement of temperature and pressure during cure and in service.
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Advancing the OOA infused wing box

MTorres integrates lower cover, front and rear spars into unitized flying demonstrator using one-shot, low-cost, portable production.
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The path to OOA wings with minimal fasteners

A review of the quest to eliminate both the autoclave and mechanical fasteners in composite wing structures.
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IIAMS wing box road map to certification

Airbus DS uses Clean Sky demonstrators as part of broad strategy to ready next-gen aircraft technology for flight.
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HexPly XF surface materials satisfy high-quality wind blade surface finish

Suitable for prepreg and infusion processes, Hexcel’s HexPly XF reduce shell manufacturing time by up to 2 hours and removes all surface defects prior to painting.
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Novel dry tape for liquid molded composites

MTorres seeks to enable next-gen aircraft and open new markets for composites with low-cost, high-permeability tapes and versatile, high-speed production lines.
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