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Published: 5/9/2016

Thermoplastic composite wings on the horizon?
OUTCOME, a project under the Clean Sky 2 program, aims to industrialize out-of-autoclave thermoplastic primary aerostructure.

Published: 2/1/2015

New aerocomposites niche: Helicopter transmission gears?
A NASA study shows that steel/composite hybrid gears save significant weight, and could mitigate vibration-related noise.

Published: 1/6/2015

Benzoxazines for OOA tooling
Can infusible formulations of this newer resin system produce aerospace-capable tools?

Published: 5/1/2013

U.S. crew and cargo candidate takes shape with composites
Crew-capable Dream Chaser to enable ISS transport missions from U.S.

Published: 6/12/2009

Composite engine valves?
 HPC technical editor Sara Black reports progress on CFRP intake and exhaust valves for race car engines.