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Published: 3/2/2015

Looking for Lindberghs
Every paradigm-shifting invention throughout human history has been met with skepticism. CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan says the composites industry has need of those willing to attempt what most believe impossible.

Published: 5/19/2011

A new "tunable" polyurethane could revolutionize composites
A novel polyurethane-based resin system with tailorable pot life and cure, from Huntsman Polyurethanes (Auburn Hills, Mich. and Everberg, Belgium) now permits composites manufacturers to tailor resin pot life and onset of cure to fit the processing ...

Published: 3/1/2011

Composites enable new advances in engine technology
CompositesWorld's conference director Scott Stephenson recalls a presentation at the recent Carbon Fiber 2010 conference (Dec. 7-9, La Jolla, Calif.) by Doug Ward of GE Aviation (Cincinnati, Ohio) on design trends in commercial jet engines that favo...