Glass Fibers

GFRP trailing edge spoilers for rotor blades achieve 6% AEP increase

evoblade and Deutsche Windtechnik study confirms that the retrofittable Evoflap spoiler improves flow, offers load reduction and could potentially extend wind turbine service life.

Glass Fibers

Teijin, Applied EV develop composite autonomous vehicle platform

One-piece glass fiber-reinforced SMC structural shell reduces 20% weight and manufacturing complexity of the zero-emissions Blanc Robot platform.
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High-voltage composite battery housing concept developed for e-mobility applications

Evonik and partners’ glass fiber-reinforced epoxy SMC component reduces battery housing weight by ~10%, ensures suitability for all vehicle size and class.
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Filament Winding

Composites-intensive wave energy technology receives new funding

CorPower Ocean and OPS Composite Solutions secure almost €500,000 from EEA grants to advance buoy-based renewable energy technology.


Effman installs AFP-XS as part of project to enable AFP for SMEs

uCOMP project with Addcomposites and Quebec partners demonstrates new woven tape and high-permeability preforms for resin infusion in <2 minutes.

Glass Fibers

Jaguar Land Rover undertakes composite program for EV lightweighting

U.K. Tucana project plans to replace steel and aluminum with composites for vehicle structures.

Glass Fibers

Johns Manville launches thermal recycling unit for glass fiber waste

The unit provides a projected recycling capacity of more than three tons per hour and will keep more than ten thousand tons of waste out of landfills annually.

Natural Fibers

Suprem SA begins new pultrusion line production

Highly automated manufacturing line processes continuous fibers with high-performance thermoplastics for tapes, profiles and rods.
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Novel dry tape for liquid molded composites

MTorres seeks to enable next-gen aircraft and open new markets for composites with low-cost, high-permeability tapes and versatile, high-speed production lines.
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Glass Fibers

RAMPF TFP machine designs lightweight, cost-competitive complex composite parts

Eight-head Tailored Fiber Placement machine selectively places and orients composite filaments where strength or weight optimization is required. 
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