Carbon Fibers

Manna Laminates FEATURE organosheet laminate targets EMS applications

Fiber-metal laminate (FML) can be thermoformed in the injection or compression mold, possesses ideal characteristics for electric vehicle applications.


Innovative tooling, automation enable new line of composite window wells

Moldmaker and automation specialist Commercial Tool Group provided RockWell with custom compression molds and robotics to enable high-volume, low-cost production.
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DLR launches EmpowerAX to industrialize continuous fiber 3D printing

Global, industry-diversified platform will increase access to additive extrusion (AX) technologies and accelerate technology transfer for users and providers.
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Composite radome design secures patent, overcomes signal attenuation challenges

Fiberglass skins with a closed cell thermoplastic foam supports the easy transmission of radio waves while offering signal antennae environmental protection.


MaruHachi installs new UD tape line for high-end applications

New focus on high-temperature thermoplastic tapes and multi-layer sheet laminates for aerospace, automotive and other demanding market segments.
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Teijin to install GF-SMC molding line to meet automotive market demands

Molding line to be installed at Benet Automotive in the Czech Republic by 2022, offers customers greater design freedom, productivity and cost efficiency.

Glass Fibers

Glass fiber supply chain struggles amid pandemic, economic recovery

Transportation issues, rising demands and other factors have led to higher costs or delays for gun rovings and more. Suppliers and Gardner Intelligence share their perspectives.


Hydroelectric turbine blade design propelled by composites

Glass fiber composites power the development of a modular, spiral-shaped hydroelectric micro turbine blade for low-cost, high-efficiency renewable energy generation.
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BYK earns additive certification for rotor blade applications

The BYK-C 8001 coupling agent offers 60% improved mechanical strength, design freedom and universal application for glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin systems.

Glass Fibers

Tecniplas extends useful life of composites equipment used in paper mill by 50%

Taking into accordance corrosive fluids and high process temperatures, the new FRP up flow tower is able to operate for 15 years without need for maintenance.