Carbon Fibers

Composites as auto-body reinforcements

Hybrid structural-reinforcement technology expands options, gains applications, markets.
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Carbon Fibers

German composite specialist INVENT collaborates in SUSTAINair for increased aircraft circularity

Three-and-a-half-year, 11-partner EU project will include metals and composites spanning design, manufacturing, maintenance, repair, assembly and recycling.
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Glass Fibers

Solico launches Amphora engineering, design software for composite silos and tanks

Customizable tool enables the calculate and optimization of construction variables like design loads and laminate thickness for rapid composite vessel development.

Natural Fibers

Optimized fiber reinforcements, fabrics, NCFs

In this Digital Demo, Vectorply provides an overview of its fiber formatting capabilities and technical support operations.

Glass Fibers

Composites protect subsea cables for offshore wind power

Balmoral uses FRP to improve installation, performance and service life while reducing cable failures in rough seas.
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Large composite covers protect a lot of water

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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Glass Fibers

Glass fiber and phenolic prove their mettle in camshaft module

Replacing aluminum, a fiberglass/phenolic module reduces mass and NVH in a prototype structure and speeds assembly line installation.


Impact tests on RAMSSES ship hull demonstrator show resilience of composites

Damen Shipbuilding and project consortium partners test 6-meter-high, resin-infused composite hull section.

Glass Fibers

Composite panels aid design of prefabricated apartment addition

Glass fiber/epoxy sandwich panels achieved structural requirements, complex geometries and challenging installation needs for London apartment renovation.
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Carbon Fibers

Toyota awards Toyoda Gosei for composite hydrogen tank development

CFRP and GFRP tank makes an appearance on the 2021 Toyota Mirai, with a minimized pressure-resistant layer for 10% increased storage and a cruise range extension.
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