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Published: 3/31/2017

Cygnet Texkimp launches robotic 3D winding machine
Cygnet Texkimp Ltd. (Northwich, Cheshire, UK) has launched what it says is the world’s first robotic, high-speed, 3D winding machine capable of making curved composite parts.

Published: 9/15/2016

CAMX 2016 preview: Roth Composite Machinery
Roth Composite Machinery GmbH (Steffenberg, Germany) is featuring its line of automated filament winding systems.

Published: 7/21/2016

CAMX 2016 preview: Autonational Composites
Automation specialist Autonational Group (IJIst, The Netherlands) is exhibiting at CAMX for the first time and featuring its ability to develop, engineer and build high-quality filament winding equipment designed for lab scale and small series produ...

Published: 8/22/2015

CAMX 2015 preview: Montalvo
Web tension control specialist Montalvo (Gorham, ME, US) will showcase its new Modular Automated Tensioner (MAT) and Automated Tensioning Stand (ATS) units.

Published: 8/20/2015

CAMX 2015 preview: Coastal Enterprises
Coastal Enterprises (Orange, CA, US), a manufacturer of Precision Board high-density urethane tooling board, will feature two new products at CAMX.

Published: 5/7/2015

VOC-free resins for pultrusion, winding, infusion, and wet layup
A new line of Advalite vinyl hybrid liquid resins from Reichhold Inc. (Durham, NC, US) are low-viscosity products designed for high-performance structural applications, including those in the automotive and wind energy sectors.

Published: 1/8/2015

Filament winding systems
Entec Composite Machines (Salt Lake City, UT, US) demonstrated its new FW750 filament winder and high-speed ST1 servo tensioner during CAMX 2014.

Published: 10/6/2014

CAMX 2014 preview: Entec Composite Machines
Entec Composite Machines (Salt Lake City) will perform live demonstrations of its new FW750 filament winder and high-speed ST1 servo tensioner during CAMX 2014.

Published: 8/28/2014

CAMX 2014 preview: McClean Anderson
McClean Anderson (Schofield, Wis., USA) will exhibit its WSH-Super Hornet filament winding machine.

Published: 6/2/2014

Styrene-free vinyl-less-the-ester
Reichhold Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) unveiled styrene-free ADVALITE at JEC Europe 2014.