Huntsman Advanced Materials resin systems meet composite pressure vessel requirements

Araldite resin systems cover wet and towpreg filament winding and RTM manufacturing processes for increased productivity and greater part consistency.

Filament Winding

Heraeus, University of Sheffield AMRC partner to develop innovative composite technologies

Tier 2 membership enables Heraeus Noblelight to explore filament winding capabilities using its humm3 technology for rapid layup of thermosets, dry fiber and thermoplastics.
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Filament Winding

Rock West Composites offers custom filament-wound tube website feature 

Customers can now define their own filament-wound tube specifications per a build-to-order ecommerce transaction. Over 450 base options, 75 mandrels and two materials are available.

Glass Fibers

Composites-intensive wave energy technology receives new funding

CorPower Ocean and OPS Composite Solutions secure almost €500,000 from EEA grants to advance buoy-based renewable energy technology.

Glass Fibers

Liftgate design puts modified filament winding to the test

Heavily modified winding process produces light, structural support frame for performance-critical liftgate.
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Filament Winding

Virgin Orbit LauncherOne rocket reaches space

Air-launched, liquid-fueled rocket makes historical debut with successfully targeted orbit and 10 NASA NSP payloads deployed.

Filament Winding

Cygnet Texkimp presents next-generation composites unrolling creel

Flatline Creel uses low-pressure, low-friction patented pneumatic technology to regulate the torque applied to each position on the creel. 


The markets: Sports and recreation (2021)

The use of lightweight and high-performance composite materials in sports equipment continues to increase.
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Glass Fibers

The markets: Industrial (2021)

Composites often must meet a certain aesthetic in applications where the consumer is the end user. But fiber-reinforced materials are just as valuable in industrial applications where corrosion resistance, high strength and durability are the performance drivers.
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SourceBook 2021

Welcome to the online SourceBook, the counterpart to CompositesWorld's annually published print SourceBook composites industry buyer's guide.
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