RAMPF offers lightweight construction with high-performance epoxy board and liquid materials

Raku Tool epoxy boards, gelcoats, laminating resins and infusion and RTM systems offered, with encompassing technical support.

Carbon Fibers

Combining AC and DC dielectric measurements for cure monitoring of composites

Lambient Technologies advances dielectric analysis (DEA) for more reliable, affordable composites manufacturing.
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FLOKI 6.5 mini racing yacht integrates bio-based Sicomin GreenPoxy resins

Staying true to the roots of its racing class, FLOKI 6.5 is built entirely from bio-based/recyclable raw materials without compromising on performance or processability.
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Glass Fibers

Composite panels aid design of prefabricated apartment addition

Glass fiber/epoxy sandwich panels achieved structural requirements, complex geometries and challenging installation needs for London apartment renovation.
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Alveus to commercialize Compa Repairs' composite ship repair service 

Compa Repairs service and license solutions to establish a readily available network of license repair experts globally for ship repairs using CFRP materials.

Carbon Fibers

Advancing the OOA infused wing box

MTorres integrates lower cover, front and rear spars into unitized flying demonstrator using one-shot, low-cost, portable production.
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Hydroelectric turbine blade design propelled by composites

Glass fiber composites power the development of a modular, spiral-shaped hydroelectric micro turbine blade for low-cost, high-efficiency renewable energy generation.
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Sicomin GreenPoxy resins contribute to first NFC wind turbine nacelle

Sicomin’s bio-based resins, intumescent FR gelcoats and UV-resistant clear coatings meet stringent requirements for Greenboats’ 7.3-meter natural fiber composite nacelle.
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BYK earns additive certification for rotor blade applications

The BYK-C 8001 coupling agent offers 60% improved mechanical strength, design freedom and universal application for glass fiber-reinforced epoxy resin systems.


Hawthorn Composites awarded structural inlet duct manufacturing contract 

Manufacture of inlet ducts for Kratos unmanned combat aerial vehicle involves an automated dry fiber overbraiding process, VARTM infusion and oven cure.
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