Energy Storage

TFP acquires PV3 technologies, strengthens hydrogen portfolio

Acquisition builds on capacity expansion, and TFP’s commitment to offer a wider range of green hydrogen technology solutions to the growing hydrogen market.

Energy Storage

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered HY4 aircraft takes flight

MAHEPA consortium demonstrates feasibility and advances toward liquid hydrogen tanks and scaling modular HY4 technology to new, emissions-free aircraft.

Energy Storage

Maine, U.K. sign agreement to advance offshore wind cooperation

The commitment outlines strengthening offshore wind and green hydrogen supply chains via clean, innovative technologies to meet ambitious carbon neutrality goals and promote and foster sustainable growth.  
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The markets: Fuel cells and batteries (2021)

Although fuel-cell powered vehicles could still be in the automotive future, growth will be measured and so will the market for composite components. Composites for electric vehicle battery packs and hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles will be the more immediate opportunity.
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Mass Transit

Hexagon Purus to supply composite pressure vessels for U.S. hydrogen-powered commuter train

The contract includes the development and approval of a developed cylinder storage system, with a hydrogen-powered train built and transferred to California by 2023. 

Carbon Fibers

Carbon fiber in pressure vessels for hydrogen

The emerging H2 economy drives tank development for aircraft, ships and gas transport.
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Energy Storage

European consortium launches online hydrogen market database

The Fuel Cell Hydrogen Observatory (FCHO) provides technology and market statistics and other data on the hydrogen sector.

Energy Storage

Cimarron Composites to supply Shell with hydrogen gas transport modules

Composite cylinders at 517 bar and 2,000 liters will enable 1,200 kilograms of hydrogen gas to be transported between fueling stations on 40-foot-long trailers.

Energy Storage

Thicker, carbon fiber-reinforced battery electrodes may enable high-density batteries

University of Delaware research demonstrates use of carbon fiber membranes to enhance conductivity and areal capacity using a scalable manufacturing process.

Carbon Fibers

Developing a linerless, all-composite, spherical cryotank

Infinite Composites Technologies’ Type V pressure vessel for storing cryogenic space launch vehicle propellants shows promise for eliminating elusive microcracking issues.
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