Next-generation composites qualification

Fully digital qualification hasn’t yet arrived, but simulation and analysis software continue to evolve and work together with physical testing practices.
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Dalian University participates in AnalySwift Academic Partner Program

Dalian University of Technology uses Swiftcomp software to calculate the effective mechanical properties on morphing honeycomb and corrugated sandwich structures.


Clean Sky project completes carbon fiber canopy structure for RACER demonstrator

Coordinated by Airbus Helicopter, the canopy structure was designed and manufactured to optimize low aerodynamic drag and meet bird strike requirements.


Boom rolls out supersonic test aircraft XB-1

Highlighting a 71-foot-long fuselage, carbon fiber composite airframe and a host of other notable features, the demonstrator will now be headed for its ground test program and a 100% carbon-neutral flight test in 2021.
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EconCore announces partnership for sustainable car concept project

Dubbed Luca, the concept car incorporates EconCore’s recycled PET honeycomb cores, as well as other waste materials including horse hair, coconut fiber, flax and plastic bottles.
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Solvay, Flybotix collaborate on inspection drone

Solvay's ultra-lightweight and robust thermoplastic carbon fiber composites contribute to doubling the Asio drone’s flight time.


Kinetic NRG, ACS-A design composite hydro-electric turbine blade

The 1.5-meter composite blade will enable Kinetic NRG’s hydro-electric generator to generate power in Australian channels and streams at flow rates of two meters per second.


Moi Composites debuts 3D-printed glass fiber boat

Moi used its patented CFM 3D printing technology for depositing continuous fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin to develop MAMBO’s unique design. 
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Carbon Fibers

Samad aerospace unveils luxury Q-Starling personal air vehicle

The hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft boasts all carbon fiber, a hybrid-electric turbo generator and a stylish, modern design.


Headwear protection manufacturer incorporates styrenics-based composites

INEOS Styrolutions’ carbon fiber composite StyLight Hybrid S material offers Casco International’s customers more protection in demanding environments.