McLaren Artura features new composite architecture

The Artura is a plug-in hybrid that uses the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture.

Carbon Fibers

Thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber

IACMI project trials inline production of thermoplastic tapes reinforced with textile-based PAN carbon fiber. 
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MMC Pistons for the T.50 Supercar

For the extreme application in the 654-hp V12 engine, Cosworth turned to a metal-matrix composite for piston production.

Glass Fibers

Hydroelectric turbine blade design propelled by composites

Glass fiber composites power the development of a modular, spiral-shaped hydroelectric micro turbine blade for low-cost, high-efficiency renewable energy generation.
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Sicomin GreenPoxy resins contribute to first NFC wind turbine nacelle

Sicomin’s bio-based resins, intumescent FR gelcoats and UV-resistant clear coatings meet stringent requirements for Greenboats’ 7.3-meter natural fiber composite nacelle.
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Solvay to develop composite structure for Vertical Aerospace eVTOL aircraft

Composite and adhesive technologies will be supplied to Vertical Aerospace for a zero-emissions, all-electric prototype scheduled for a September 2021 test flight.
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Smart Slice simulation software now available from Dynamism

3D printing solutions provider Dynamism now offers optimization plugin Smart Slice from Teton Simulation.

Glass Fibers

Teijin, Applied EV develop composite autonomous vehicle platform

One-piece glass fiber-reinforced SMC structural shell reduces 20% weight and manufacturing complexity of the zero-emissions Blanc Robot platform.
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Toray nanoalloy technology develops new flexible and toughened polymer

New polymer combines PA6 with polyrotaxane and retains high thermal resistance, rigidity and strength with a bending fatigue limit that is 15-fold that of conventional polymers.

Carbon Fibers

Hybrid metal composite four-disc milling cutter reduces machining times by 78%

CompoTech and Hofmeister steel and carbon fiber tool achieves 50% faster cutting speed and 54% higher feed rate compared to conventional two-disc tools.