Single-step prepreg slitting and rewinding unit to advance NIAR ATLAS aviation research

Mikrosam, in collaboration with Composite Automation, delivers this custom-made machine, which offers slit flexibility, in-process inspection system and performs quality control on the fly.

Carbon Fibers

Composites for structural batteries

Researchers in Sweden find carbon fiber composites can be used for creating structural batteries that could help minimize mass in EVs and consumer electronics.
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Compression Molding

Large composite covers protect a lot of water

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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FLOKI 6.5 mini racing yacht integrates bio-based Sicomin GreenPoxy resins

Staying true to the roots of its racing class, FLOKI 6.5 is built entirely from bio-based/recyclable raw materials without compromising on performance or processability.
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ATL Composite panel systems enable Noosa 7 dynamic dayboat design

The Noosa 7 is hand-built and customized using DuraKore and DuFlex composite panel systems, minimizing material waste, tooling costs and simplifying quotations.


University of South Alabama, MHP engage in research partnership for plastic composite material 

ZT-CFRP, enriched with specifically oriented nanoparticles and reinforced with carbon fibers, shows considerable potential when compared to conventional CFRPs. 


ENLIGHTEN program launched to speed thermoplastic composites industrialization

Multi-scale modeling, testing, sensors and machine learning will advance understanding and algorithms to achieve process control and optimization for both aerospace and automotive supply chains.
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Carbon Fibers

ÉireComposites to develop Ireland's first carbon fiber satellite optical instrument

Development and manufacture of three composite stray light baffles for the ESA’s ALTIUS satellite will assist in climate change research.    

Additive Manufacturing

Anisoprint launches Aura 2.1 slicing software for continuous fiber 3D printing

New features include “masks” giving users greater control over fiber reinforcement in an easy-to-visualize manner.


AnalySwift and University of Central Florida work with NASA to develop thin-ply composites

Materials will be characterized and performance modeled for wide array of aircraft and space applications.