Carbon Fibers

ESA, ArianeGroup PHOEBUS contract paves the way for composite rocket stage development

ArianeGroup to collaborate with MT Aerospace to explore using carbon fiber to lightweight the upper stage of the Ariane 6 launch vehicle.


Ferrari 812 Competizione makes extensive use of carbon fiber

Composite materials enhance performance and minimize mass for a faster vehicle. The limited edition car also offers fully composite wheels, which weigh 42% less than alloy options.


Covestro composite materials augment high-performance active footwear

Desmopan TPU and Maezio carbon fiber-reinforced TPU fibers applied to basketball shoe and a foot shape-based running shoe concept to demonstrate comfort, style, durability and superior performance.


Optimizing a wind turbine nacelle cover to meet LCOE demand

Suzlon Group redesigned a composite nacelle cover with in-situ molded stiffeners to reduce manufacturing and material costs while maximizing part performance.
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Renewable Materials Conference 2021 announces innovation award winners

Three winning innovations include a hemp fiber and thermoset bioresin chair collection, PET bottles made from enzymatically recycled textile waste and CO2-based household cleaners.
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Bercella, Formula Seven target motorsport innovation with natural fiber composite developments

AmpliTex flax fiber used to develop Formula SAE single-seater racing seat for better resistance, vibration absorption and reduced environmental impact.
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Royal DSM, MKU composite armor protects Brazilian law enforcement

Level IIIA soft armor vests use Dyneema UD material for 35% weight reduction, and rigorous compliance with NIJ standards for protection against ballistic materials.


Spirit AeroSystems Belfast advances LANCA project concept with resin transfer infusion

Spirit AeroSystems Belfast, Northrop Grumman and Intrepid Minds support further development of the Royal Air Force’s unmanned Lightweight Affordable Novel Combat Aircraft (LANCA). 
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Cobra International rapidly scales up Radinn glass fiber electric surfboards

Cobra manufacturing platform to deliver 300 composite boards per month, with 25% weight savings, tight tolerances, detailed QC and documentation records.


Neural nets can advance composites analysis

British researchers use two neural nets and a 2D image to create 3D models. The architecture is fast, cheap, accurate and more clearly identifies different material phases.