Strata to manufacture compression-molded components for Pilatus PC-24

Strata to deliver composite engine mounting flaps, as well as the horizontal flap and conical stabilizer of the aircraft's tail per a seven-year deal.


Cobra International commissions prepreg compression molding production line

Production capacity delivers highly structural prepreg carbon fiber hydrofoil components with a final surface finish straight from the mold.

Compression Molding

Shift2Rail issues call for molding tools to produce composite door, interiors demonstrators

Tenders for molding tools in EU project to manufacture composites using compression molding process or equivalent due by April 22, 2021.
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Glass Fibers

Large composite covers protect a lot of water

A massive concrete water storage facility in Bogotá, Colombia, gets a much-needed makeover with the resin transfer molding of 840 large composite domes that keep the water potable.
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Innovative tooling, automation enable new line of composite window wells

Moldmaker and automation specialist Commercial Tool Group provided RockWell with custom compression molds and robotics to enable high-volume, low-cost production.
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Compression Molding

Composites One to acquire Solvay Process Materials business

The acquired business, rebranded as Aerovac, will act as manufacturer, developer and supplier of process materials, tooling and services and is comprised of a range of vacuum bagging materials.


IIAMS wing box road map to certification

Airbus DS uses Clean Sky demonstrators as part of broad strategy to ready next-gen aircraft technology for flight.
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Sicomin GreenPoxy resins contribute to first NFC wind turbine nacelle

Sicomin’s bio-based resins, intumescent FR gelcoats and UV-resistant clear coatings meet stringent requirements for Greenboats’ 7.3-meter natural fiber composite nacelle.
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Additive Manufacturing

Bosch venture division invests in Arris, opening new market opportunities

Arris plans to expand its high-performance, high-volume Additive Molding technology to new industries and regions.


Carbon fiber automotive parts production industrialized via C-RTM process

Compression resin transfer molding overcame the difficulty in shaping CFRP car parts with development time reduced by 50%.