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Published: 12/5/2018

Finepart Sweden waterjet system enables precise, non-thermal cutting
Finepart Sweden’s micro abrasive waterjet system offers non-thermal micro cutting for composites in a variety of applications.

Published: 9/9/2018

Synova launches 5-axis Laser Microjet precision machining system for ceramic-matrix composites
New CNC machine with full 5-axis is capable of processing complex three-dimensional geometries.

Published: 8/17/2018

OMAX launches 10HP pump for waterjet systems
The company expands its GlobalMAX pump options with a 10HP pump for the GlobalMAX JetMachining Centers.

Published: 2/28/2018

JEC World 2018 preview: CGTech
Composites 2018 release of VERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) and VERICUT Composite Simulation (VCS).

Published: 10/24/2017

OMAX introduces ProtoMAX small-scale waterjet cutter
OMAX Corp. (Kent, WA, US) has developed ProtoMAX, a compact, self-installed, abrasive waterjet cutting system for prototyping and relatively low volume cutting of almost any material of less than 50 mm thick.

Published: 7/31/2017

Autoscale composite CNC machines
Autoscale CNC LLC (Santa Clara, CA, US) recently introduced its Monster cgr-series of cost-effective CNC cutters/routers, fabricated from carbon fiber composites and steel, for large part processing of composites, foams, clay and lightweight metals....

Published: 11/27/2016

Model-based waterjet software
Flow International Corp. (Kent, Washington), a developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet machines for cutting applications, has announced FlowXpert 2016 waterjet machining software.

Published: 8/30/2016

CAMX 2016 preview: Stiles Machinery Inc.
Stiles Machinery Inc. (Grand Rapids, Michigan) and Belotti SpA (Bergamo, Italy) are featuring their latest generation 5-axis machining centers for creating complex, three-dimensional components from composites, plastics and metal.

Published: 8/30/2016

CAMX 2016 preview: RobbJack Corp.
RobbJack Corp. (Lincoln, California) is emphasizing its line of PCD drill tools featuring a solid diamond tip whose geometry reportedly shears more effectively than the typical flat-plane drill tools.

Published: 8/23/2016

Waterjet system with up to four cutting heads
Jet Edge Inc. (St. Michael, MN, US) has debuted its latest generation of Mid Rail Gantry waterjet systems, capable of operating up to four abrasive jet or water-only waterjet cutting heads for increased productivity.