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Published: 2/23/2017

Multi-material urethane adhesive
3M (St. Paul, MN, US) has introduced Scotch-Weld Multi-Material Composite Urethane Adhesives DP6310NS and DP6330NS for lightweight assemblies for trucks, buses, RVs, specialty vehicles and passenger rail, and other markets like sporting goods and pa...

Published: 7/21/2016

CAMX 2016 preview: BGF Industries
BGF Industries Inc. (Greensboro, NC, US) is featuring its PolyPreg thermoplastic composite material as well as its lines of cabon fabrics, aramid fabrics, fiberglass fabrics and Aerialite fiberglass fabrics.

Published: 6/13/2016

Resin system for rail applications
Huntsman Advanced Materials (The Woodlands, Texas) has introduced ARALDITE FST 40004/40005, a new resin system for resin transfer molding (RTM), infusion or pultrusion, designed for use in composites applications in the rail end market.

Published: 5/7/2015

MMA bonding systems for ground transport
SciGrip Smarter Adhesive Solutions (Durham, NC, US) introduced at JEC Europe 2015 its new SG800 range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) bonding systems that are specially formulated and developed for automotive, agricultural vehicles, rail and heavy truc...

Published: 3/1/2015

JEC Europe 2015 preview: SCIGRIP
SCIGRIP (Washington, UK) will focus on the demand for high-strength adhesives in the transportation sector with advanced bonding solutions formulated specifically for the automotive, heavy truck, bus and rail markets.

Published: 3/1/2015

JEC Europe 2015 preview: Hexion
Hexion (formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Columbus, OH, US) will introduce several new composite resin systems, showcasing automotive, aerospace and rail composite parts made with Hexion systems.

Published: 12/9/2014

Brook One manufactures two new products for thermal/acoustic aircraft insulation blankets
PEEK-based Fire barrier BO 856B-I and BO 856B-II offer lightweight toughness and surpass latest flammability and burn through requirements.

Published: 8/1/2014

CAMX 2014 preview: The Composites Group
The Composites Group (TCG, Highland Heights, Ohio, USA) and its three business units, Quantum Composites, Premix and Hadlock Plastics, will collectively feature five new thermoset compounding materials and two technical presentations at CAMX 2014.

Published: 3/5/2014

Thin-ply glass mat for railway applications
Chomarat is launching ROVICORE FR, a glass mat product designed to help to meet requirements for the hazard level (HL) under the new European fire classification standard (EN 45545) for train materials that will enter into effect in 2016.

Published: 11/4/2013

AOC's new Firepel resin for mass transit
The new Firepel K120-MTA is halogen-free and does not require antimony or ATH for fire-retardant properties.