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Published: 10/31/2016

Composite repair: Lessons learned, challenges and opportunities, Part II
In Part II, guest columnist Lou Dorworth says the wind and auto industries can learn much from the aerospace industry in this composites repair commentary.

Published: 6/1/2015

The ends will be justified by the means
CW Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan recalls the one question he's consistently fielded throughout his quarter century in magazine editing and publishing: “Don’t you worry about running out of things to write about?” Here's his an...

Published: 3/2/2015

Looking for Lindberghs
Every paradigm-shifting invention throughout human history has been met with skepticism. CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan says the composites industry has need of those willing to attempt what most believe impossible.

Published: 9/1/2011

An out-of-autoclave progress report
CW Conferences director Scott Stephenson recalls Dale Brosius’ update on Quickstep’s out-of-autoclave work for the F-35 program.

Published: 1/1/2011

New filament to make composites "smart"
CW Conferences director Scott Stephenson premiers a showcase for new ideas overheard at CW Conferences.

Published: 5/1/2006

McDonnell Douglas Composite Cryotanks - A Personal History
Bob Hartunian is a retired Boeing Technical Fellow. He logged 32 years in the composites manufacturing business, first at McDonnell Douglas in Huntington Beach, Calif. and then The Boeing Co. (Seattle, Wash.), when McDonnell Douglas became part of B...

Published: 3/1/2006

March Editorial
The composites conference season is coming fast, and I'm sure many of you are preparing to hit the road in the next few weeks, as is the staff of HPC. As you read this, I'll be making my first visit to the SpeedNews Aviation Industry Suppliers Confe...