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Published: 8/6/2018

Cevotec extends Fiber Patch Placement to sandwich structures, large aerostructures and enables combining with AFP
Automated preforming and layup process addresses core materials, as well as both continuous AFP and patch FPP reinforcements.

Published: 11/6/2017

3A Composites receives two Sacha Awards
The Sacha Awards are awarded every two years for projects on best forestry management and processing of legal timber practices in Ecuador.

Published: 9/25/2017

Toyota Prius features thermoplastic honeycomb core
EconCore’s thermoplastic honeycomb core was used by Gifu Plastic Industry to manufacture the trunk cover of the 2017 Toyota Prius PHV.

Published: 9/5/2017

Diab Americas triples processing capacity of advanced foam cores
The company is tripling the chamber capacity of its Divinycell HT and Divinycell HP product line.

Published: 7/10/2017

Gurit signs licensing agreement for Armacell’s ArmaFORM PET GR technology
As part of the contract, Gurit will be granted a global license for the patented ArmaFORM PET GR technology from Armacell until the expiry of the patent rights for an undisclosed license fee.

Published: 4/7/2017

Production begins for Armacell’s PET foam core production in Canada
To celebrate the launch of the new PET production line, the company hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the facility.

Published: 3/27/2017

Lantor acquired by Cathay Investments
Lantor is a producer of non-woven materials for the cable and composites industry.

Published: 2/15/2017

Wabash National to open composites manufacturing facility in Minnesota
This is part of a $10 million longer-term plan to expand production operations for molded structural composites (MSC).

Published: 2/13/2017

Armacell to invest in new PET foam production line in China
The PET foam production line in China is expected to be operational by the end of 2018.

Published: 1/30/2017

Evonik develops new PulPress process for mass-production of molded composite parts
The company says that molded parts made using PulPress will soon be going into mass production.