Cygnet Texkimp unveils first commercial, high-volume thermoplastic tape line

Cygnet Texkimp’s Direct Melt Impregnation Thermoplastic Line is designed to produce thermpolastic tapes for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications.


Sojitz invests in IsoTruss composite telecommunication infrastructure

The lattice telecommunication structure is equipped with the structural capabilities for bending and torsion and is corrosion-resistant, an advantage to coastal areas.  

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Episode 34: Carmelo Lo Faro, Solvay Composite Materials

Carmelo Lo Faro, president of Solvay Composite Materials, talks about how he sees aerocomposites evolving in the time of COVID-19, the rise of computational power to evolve composites use, the prospects for increased composites use in the automotive market, and the increasing importance of education in the composites industry.
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Hexcel third quarter financials reflect industry headwinds

Slowdown in commercial aerospace and the wind energy market has decreased Hexcel’s year-to-date sales by 32.6%. The company will close its wind energy glass fiber prepreg line in Windsor, Colo., U.S., in early November.

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Episode 33: Ethan Escowitz, Arris Composites

CW Talks checks in with Ethan Escowitz, co-founder and CEO of Arris Composites, to learn about the Additive Molding technology his company has developed.
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Carbon fiber in pressure vessels for hydrogen

The emerging H2 economy drives tank development for aircraft, ships and gas transport.
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Toray annual report anticipates subpar earnings until 2022

Although Toray’s carbon fiber and composite materials segment showed growth in fiscal 2019, pandemic-driven headwinds in fiscal 2020 are steering the company toward wind, UAM and energy-related markets.

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Brightlands Materials Center advances continuous fiber 3D printing in Limberg Bike

Other composites innovations include recyclable CFRP connectors, interwoven Dynema/carbon fiber reinforcements and integrating damage sensors into the frame.

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Airbus Albatross flapping wing achieves gate-to-gate demonstration

AlbatrossONE demonstrator with 75% longer wing-tips vs. phase one proves freely flapping wing-tips can alleviate wing loads and avoid tip stall for improved aircraft performance.


SpaceShip Two prepares for first spaceflight

Virgin Galactic prepares its vehicles, pilots, team and facilities with rigorous pre-flight checks and objectives before the flight which will be carried out later this fall.