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Published: 8/15/2018

Bye Aerospace receives order for 30 Sun Flyer 2s
Aspen Flying Club to use all-electric, composite material aircraft as trainers in its future fleet of aircraft.

Published: 8/14/2018

SD Mines' composite material demonstrated at composite bridge contest
Students engineered the design of the 2nd place winning bridge using a proprietary composite sheet material invented by a team of researchers at SD Mines.

Published: 8/13/2018

Zephyr sets new flight duration record during maiden flight
Airbus’ solar–electric, stratospheric Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) completes maiden flight of over 25 days, the longest duration flight ever made.

Published: 8/10/2018

Samsung Galaxy Note9 to feature carbon fiber cooling system
The new phone’s Water Carbon Cooling system is designed to allow it to run smoothly during heavy use.

Published: 8/9/2018

Rocket Lab Electron rocket missions slated for late 2018
Rocket Lab’s It’s Business Time mission will launch in November, with the ELaNa XIX mission for NASA to follow soon after in December.

Published: 8/7/2018

IACMI announces collaborative smart composite pressure vessel project
The goal of the collaboration is to develop structurally predictable, low-cost smart composite pressure vessels (SCPVs) with integrated health-monitoring.

Published: 8/6/2018

Carbon Fiber 2018 issues call for papers
The Carbon Fiber 2018 conference will be held Dec. 4 – Dec. 6, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego, CA, US.

Published: 8/6/2018

Cevotec extends Fiber Patch Placement to sandwich structures, large aerostructures and enables combining with AFP
Automated preforming and layup process addresses core materials, as well as both continuous AFP and patch FPP reinforcements.

Published: 8/2/2018

Epic Aircraft completes structural testing
The company has successfully completed E1000 structural testing, concluding one of the more demanding phases of its E1000 type certification (TC) program.

Published: 8/1/2018

Quickstep to produce F-35 flare housings
The carbon fiber component manufacturer will receive funding to produce composite housings for an F-35 Lightning II countermeasure flare.