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Published: 1/11/2018

Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts
ZAero project aims for 30-50% boost in productivity via inline AFP inspection, simulated part performance and decision support tools.

Published: 10/13/2017

Optimizing composites for the Stratolaunch
Stratolaunch represents an unprecedented use of composites in an aircraft. Optimizing the design of composites for the launcher was a daunting challenge.

Published: 10/11/2017

The big blue bear: Redux
It’s been 12 years since I wrote “Composite Sculpture Bears a Second Look” about the big blue bear sculpture in downtown Denver, CO, US. The project opened my eyes to digital design, and gave me the opportunity to meet the sculptor...

Published: 10/2/2017

Automated Preforming, Part 5: Holistic Quality Optimization
Simulation and testing key to integrated approach for optimization of automated preforming, offering time and cost savings as well as basis for automated quality inspection.

Published: 4/21/2017

3D printed tools are in production at Dassault Falcon Jet
The trend of employing polymeric additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing for composite tooling is growing.

Published: 8/11/2016

Bionic design: The future of lightweight structures
Biomimicry evolves into a systematic design process for optimizing efficient, lightweight structures.

Published: 8/10/2016

The steadily growing list of IACMI resources
IACMI, the public-private composites consortium, is a little more than a year old and already has developed a strong collection of partnerships, facilities, equipment, software and material designed to help accelerate new technology development for ...

Published: 4/28/2016

Digital twin, digital thread and composites
How the integration of machines, sensors and software is beginning to impact composites manufacturing.

Published: 10/8/2014

Turning data into gold
The composites manufacturing environment is awash in data. It's possible to harvest that data and start predicting problems before they occur.

Published: 8/11/2014

Modeling fabric materials for better parts
Multiaxial fabric maker Formax is involved in a multi-year endeavor to simulate the behavior of dry fabrics during the molding process.