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Published: 2/1/2013

Composites slake the world's thirst
As the global thirst for drinkable water increases, the composites industry is drinking in the tremendous possibilities in seawater desalination.

Published: 1/2/2012

The Plane in Spain
Site tours provide a rare glimpse into the Iberian Peninsula’s aerospace composites sector, with a special focus on Airbus’ activities at Illescas.

Published: 9/1/2011

A350 XWB update: Smart manufacturing
Spirit AeroSystems actualizes Airbus’ intelligent design for the A350’s center fuselage and front wing spar in Kinston, N.C.

Published: 9/1/2011

Software speeds tape layer production, optimizes precision
the Siemens Aerospace Center of Excellence's (Elk Grove Village, Ill.) developed the Siemens SINUMERIK 840D CNC system speeds production on a large ATL machine at the former Boeing Wichita plant (now Spirit AeroSystems) in Wichita, Kan.

Published: 5/2/2011

Thermoplastic composites: Primary structure?
Yes, advanced forms are in development, but has the technology progressed enough to make the business case?

Published: 9/30/2010

Corrosion resistance: Desert-bound chemical and potable-water tanks
RL Industries (Fairfield, Ohio) recently overcame logistical obstacles to successfully fabricate five large composite storage tanks for a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia.

Published: 8/31/2010

Deepsea submersible incorporates composite pressure capsule
Spencer Composites Corp. (Sacramento, Calif.) fabricates the inner carbon/epoxy composite pressure capsule for a submersible deepsea vessel the late Steve Fossett was to take to the depths of the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench.

Published: 11/24/2009

Filament wound pipe proves durable in electric power plants
Korea-based Hankuk Fiber Glass Co. Ltd. develops a much more durable composite alternative to cast iron ash-transfer pipes for coal-burning electric power plant customers.

Published: 4/21/2009

AFP/ATL design-to-manufacture: Bridging the gap
Managing production of a structure made via fiber or tape placement often requires software-aided  manipulation of the subtle differences between that which is designed and that which can be manufactured.

Published: 9/15/2008

New packaging machine uses lightweight carbon fiber airshafts
When Premier Paper Converting Machinery (New Berlin, Wis.) introduced its new custom machine for producing Kraft paper honeycomb used to make packaging materials, the device was equipped to hold four massive 98-inch/2.4m wide rolls of paper, eac...