Aerospace Composites

The aerospace market is one of the largest and arguably the most important to the composites industry. Commercial aircraft, military craft, helicopters, business jets, general aviation aircraft and space craft all make substantial use of composites, both inside and outside.
IGNIS drone payload package

Drones: Fire-management technology delivery

The new IGNIS remotely controlled pyrotechnic system, designed by Drone Amplified (Lincoln, NE, US) specifically for transport on UAVs for the purpose of prescribed-fire management on public and private lands, was recognized on the US Department of Interior’s 2017 list of top made-in-America innovations.

How is tow spread?

ITA characterizes tow spreading processes and parameters as it develops new technology to speed production (100 m/min) and reduce width variation (<1mm).
New Product Announcements
New Product

NLign releases version 6.10

Latest software version offers improved support for the Aerospace and Defense 
industry MRB workflow.