Plug-and-produce AFP system installed in one day and debuts at composites automation center

Addcomposites completes installations of its AFP-XS toolhead at KUKA Finland and SAM|XL in Netherlands.
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Reliabotics introduces carbonic cleaning systems

Reliabotics has introduced to the composites market a line of CO2-based cleaning products designed to provide fast, highly efficient, waste-free cleaning of a variety of surfaces, including molds and finished composite parts and structures.

Hi-Temp Resins

One-piece, one-cure, infused carbon fiber wheel is ready to roll

ESE Carbon Co.’s new carbon fiber wheel uses tailored fiber placement and custom presses to minimize waste and improve scalability.
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Glass Fibers

AFRL camber morphing wing takes flight

Smooth composite skin enables active re-contour of up to 6% and fuel savings of 10%.

Glass Fibers

University of Texas researchers develop deep-ocean wind turbine blades

Funded by a $3.3 million grant from the U.S. DOE, university researchers will develop a prototype of a vertical-axis, floating offshore wind turbine design.
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Marine composite repair technology research demonstrates success

EU-funded COMPA Repairs glass and carbon fiber composite patch technology promises durable, fast, cost-effective ship repair.


Bloodhound LSR hits 638 mph in test run

Having completed a run of speed tests, the jet-powered car will now be reassembled and fitted with a rocket before attempting to break the land speed record.


Spaceship Co. attaches feather system to next SpaceShipTwo

Virgin Galactic’s sister company has completed a major milestone in the manufacture of the composites-intensive SpaceShipTwo, which will carry tourists on short-duration space flights.


Ford to turn McDonald's coffee waste into sustainable autocomposites

Ford Motor Co. has teamed up with McDonald’s to turn the fast-food chain’s coffee chaff into automotive headlamp housings and other commercial car parts.


Irkut Corp. completes construction of fourth MS-21-300 flight test aircraft

Russian jetliner with OOA infused wing steps nearer to certification. See CW’s historical timeline of the MS-21.
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