NASA selects SpaceX to head human lander development for Artemis moon mission

HLS to act as final mode of transportation to take astronauts to the lunar surface for the Artemis program, with potential future travel to Mars and other destinations.


Z-direction composite properties on an affordable, industrial scale

Boston Materials uses milled reclaimed carbon fibers to increase modulus, impact/delamination resistance and produce metals-like conductivity for EMI shielding, lightning strike protection, heat exchangers and more.
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Episode 37: Ian Wilson, DASIS

Ian Wilson, CEO of Develop and Supply In-Sync (DASIS), talks about his history as a CNC specialist for Formula One and his introduction to composites manufacturing.
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Airbus ASCEND program to explore liquid hydrogen and superconductivity for zero-emission aircraft

Cryogenic hydrogen as cold source for lightweight, low-electrical loss powertrain, with composite materials as possible insulation.
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Éirecomposites and ORPC to use recycled carbon fiber in tidal turbine foils

Development part of €3M CRIMSON project to advance tidal energy for clean electricity.

Digital Demos

Mold release solutions for automotive composites

In this Digital Demo, Axel Plastics reviews mold cleaning, sealing and release solutions for leading use in automotive composites manufacturing processes, including SMC, BMC and RTM.


Faurecia to supply CFRP tanks and hydrogen storage systems for Stellantis light commercial vehicles

Zero-emission fuel cell technology first available on Citroën, Opal and Peugeot vehicles with more to come.

Carbon Fibers

Retrofitted EHang facility for commercial AAV production close to completion

Yunfu facility to house AAV assembly lines, CNC processing center, carbon fiber composite materials processing area and more, with initial annual AAV capacity of 600 units.

Hufschmied virtual masterclass demonstrates machining of carbon fiber winglet

Masterclass details how to efficiently manufacture demanding components from high-performance materials with a PPS CFRP winglet as an example.

SAMPE announces launch plans for SAMPE 365 online community platform

SAMPE neXus event to celebrate the launch of the comprehensive, perpetual community platform June 29-July 1, 2021.