NCC unveils AFP/ATL dual system for large, complex structures

The hybrid cell, created in partnership with Electroimpact, can be used individually or together for automated composite manufacturing at a medium- to large-scale level.
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Wickert multifunctional gripper improves automated workpiece handling

Set-up free gripper handles multilayer-stacked components uses cameras, image processing and an integrated position sensor system for uninterrupted handling, automation and machining operations.

Poly/Vinyl Esters

Resin shortages continue to affect composites supply chain

Power outages caused by mid-February’s U.S. winter storms led to immediate shortages from Gulf Coast petrochemical companies. Fabricators continue to report shortages.

Digital Demos

Virtek Iris ActiveTrack: Bring Laser Projection Mobility To Your Tool

New Unmatched Laser Solution to aid in Streamlining Component Assembly Processes Now precise positioning guidance on mobile tools is possible with Virtek's newest software, IRIS™ ActiveTrack.


Large-format 3D printing enables toolless, rapid production for AUVs

Dive Technologies started by 3D printing prototypes of its composite autonomous underwater vehicles, but AM became the solution for customizable, toolless production.


AZL to carry out ultra-fast consolidator machine and inductive double-belt press developments

Innovative systems demonstrate highly scalable and flexible consolidation of composite laminates. Follow-up projects to be carried out this year.

Fill, Engel develop consolidation system for high-quality composite component production

Handed over to the Linz Institute of Technology, the consolidation unit processes high-temperature materials reliably, flexibly and with 60-second cycle times.

NASA selects SpaceX to head human lander development for Artemis moon mission

HLS to act as final mode of transportation to take astronauts to the lunar surface for the Artemis program, with potential future travel to Mars and other destinations.


Z-direction composite properties on an affordable, industrial scale

Boston Materials uses milled reclaimed carbon fibers to increase modulus, impact/delamination resistance and produce metals-like conductivity for EMI shielding, lightning strike protection, heat exchangers and more.
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Episode 37: Ian Wilson, DASIS

Ian Wilson, CEO of Develop and Supply In-Sync (DASIS), talks about his history as a CNC specialist for Formula One and his introduction to composites manufacturing.
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