Carbon Fibers

Addcomposites installs AFP-XS at Compositadour and integrates humm3 flash lamp

French technology platform expands access to composites beyond aerospace, while humm3 offers cost-effective dry fiber and thermoplastic tape placement in addition to CF/epoxy prepregs.


AFP tow steering comes of age, Part 1: Current state

It used to be enough that AFP systems could precisely and quickly place and cut multiple tows to build complex aerostructures. Now, fabricators need those tows steered, and the tighter the radius, the better.
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Digital Demos

Next-generation aerospace mold release application

Chem-Trend reviews three application techniques and strategies for its Zyvax® 1070W aerospace mold release system.

Additive Manufacturing

Continuous Composites opens demonstration facility for 3D printing composites

The new building demonstrates the company's patented Continuous Fiber 3D Printing (CF3D), and reflects the relationships it has built over the years with industry members.

Carbon Fibers

CFP Composites announces global distributor network for carbon fiber tooling

The wide range of global distributor partnerships will provide short lead time deliveries, local knowledge and outstanding customer service. 

Canada launches advanced air mobility consortium

The newly launched Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM) looks to accelerate the implementation of electric- and hydrogen-powered, vertical take-off flight in Canada. 

Natural Fibers

Polestar announces production plans for natural composites-intensive BEV

The Precept battery electric vehicle, developed by Volvo’s Polestar brand, is said to feature Bcomp interior and exterior flax fiber composite panels.
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Symmetrix Composites, American Magic partner for America's Cup

Prepping the U.S. challenger for the 36th America’s Cup, Symmetrix applied its large format 5-axis CNC machine to produce the patterns and molds within sub-millimeter accuracy. 

VisiConsult launches high-precision CT system

The modular device is a highly customizable system designed to precisely inspect a wide variety of test parts.

Digital Demos

Large-format additive manufacturing

Thermwood presents its Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM) system, designed to quickly fabricate large fiber-reinforced polymer structures for a variety of applications.