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Thermoplastics in the quest for aerospace weight savings

Thermoplastics in the quest for aerospace weight savings
Safran Cabin, Victrex and Tri-Mack Plastics collaborate to migrate an aerospace storage bin from aluminum to an overmolded thermoplastic composite. The result proves the promise of thermoplastics in aerospace interiors.

Thermoplastic composites PEEK vs. PEKK vs. PAEK and continuous compression molding (CCM)

PEEK vs. PEKK vs. PAEK and Continuous Compression Molding
Suppliers of thermoplastics and carbon fiber chime in regarding PEEK vs. PEKK, and now PAEK, as well as in-situ consolidation — the supply chain for thermoplastic tape composites continues to evolve.

JEC World 2018 crowded aisle.

JEC World 2018: The highlights
JEC World is the composites industry’s largest trade show and did not disappoint this year.

Victrex's new Polymer Innovation Center

Victrex opens new Polymer Innovation Center
Proactive investment in the development of next-generation thermoplastic solutions has now resulted in the completion of the company´s new approximately $13 million (£10 million) Polymer Innovation Center.

Overmolding expands PEEK’s range in composites
A new polymer and a hybrid process enable production of complex, high-load-capable, fiber-reinforced brackets and clips in minutes.

Thermoplastic composites technology: A view from Europe
For this Dutch consortium, bringing the manufacturability of thermoplastic materials to maturity is the goal in concert with OEMs, materials and equipment supplier members.

The markets: Oil and gas (2015)
High-performance composites can outperform traditional technologies in riser, jumper, intervention line, cable and umbilical applications. There has been progress in each of these areas.

JEC Europe 2014 Review
The composites world met again in Paris, vibrant, stronger, and more forward-looking than ever before.

Fossil and mineral resources: Composites expand
Attention-grabbing applications in these challenging, corrosive environments are positioning fiber-reinforced polymers for continued growth.

Reinforced engineered polymer selected for cargo door fastener
On a major new commercial aircraft program, self-fixturing nut-plates provided by Click Bond (Carson City, Nev.) eliminate the need for special tools, clamps and drills, expediting the process of installing attachment bracket hardware.

medical composite imaging table

Medical applications: A healthy market
Composites make advances in devices for medical diagnosis and treatments that promote healing and help return patients to active lives.

2010 SAMPE Europe/JEC Paris Showcase
Record crowds and reignited technological development testified to the composite industry’s renewed health and the recent recession’s demise.

Ducati carbon fiber wheel

SAMPE Europe/JEC Composites 2005
Advanced materials reap rewards, enter new arenas of application in annual Parisian showcase.

Product Categories of Victrex USA Inc.

  • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing Systems
    • Continuous fiber/thermoplastic resin
  • Matrix resins, thermoplastic
    • Polyether ketone family (PEK, PEKK, PEEK)
  • Fibers, organic
    • Other organic fibers
  • Prepregs, thermoplastic
    • Fabric
    • RTP sheet, continuously reinforced
    • Tape
  • Coatings and sizings
    • Electrostatic
    • Powder
    • Protective
  • Compounds
    • Thermoplastic, short fiber-reinforced